Discount Tire Quietly Proclaims the Gospel

I’ve used Discount Tire several times over the past few years. I’ve bought 2 sets of tires for my van, the wheels and tires for the T’bird and just a few weeks ago a set for the Mazda. I’ve liked them because they have the best prices and great service. They were great getting the wheels right on the T’bird and treated it with kid gloves putting them on (hand jacking and hand torqing the lugs). When I tried to save some money on tires for the Mazda and was very disappointed with how the cheaper ones drove, they exchanged them for a different brand with no questions asked, giving me full credit for what I had paid, even though I had put 600 miles on them.
The other day, however, I found a new respect for the company. Visiting the Discount Tire web site to look up tires for our new camper, I saw this simple message across the top:

All Stores will be closed on Good Friday, March 21st from 12:00 to 3:00.

There was no link to a press release, no further explanation, just a simple notice. Those particular hours on that particular day piqued my interest. Those are the traditional hours observed when Jesus hung on the cross. I went digging, and found this article called Easter Surprise from a year ago commenting on an NBC story on religion in corporate America or something. It was what I found this in a comment by a user named ‘acumen’ that brought me here (via Google) however (emphasis mine):

I realized yesterday (Good Friday) around noon that I had a tire going flat. I drove to my vendor, Discount Tire, to get it checked. As I pulled up I was a bit nervous seeing all the bay doors closed. I pulled up to the door and saw a sign stating they would be closed between 12:00 and 3:00 in respect of Christ’s anguish and death on the cross.

No press release trumpeting their piety, only a simple act of respect. This quiet gesture speaks louder than all the proclamations of the religious. I’m not one who is lead to observe anything special in those hours, but I have a profound respect for the leaders of Discount Tire for doing so. They could have simply closed all day, or for the afternoon. Instead, they chose to quietly, respectfully & deliberately proclaim the Lord’s death, perhaps judging (rightly I think) that this gesture would make a greater statement.
Well done.

3 thoughts on “Discount Tire Quietly Proclaims the Gospel

  1. That’s a way cool company that would do that.
    I love Chick Filet for being closed on Sundays and getting told to have a blessed day when they hand me my tea. I also love being so close to Rhema because the service in most places is awesome because they hire those students.

  2. I think its a great thing Discount remembers what we are here for and who we serve. In this day and in these times its few and far between that corporations do such an extraordinary thing.

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