I mentioned how impressed I was at our recent art gallery during our church Christmas party. While the entire show was impacting, one piece, shown above, impressed both my wife and I beyond the rest. We couldn’t stop admiring it and talking about it. In fact, it we liked it so much, we did something we had never done before.
We bought it.
We decided that this would be our Christmas present to each other. Never mind that we normally don’t buy each other anything (and that I had already violated that rule in buying something for Maria), we were both moved my it and felt that it would look great in our home. It does. I think it’s the most extravagant and frivolous gift we’ve ever done.
It’s an oild on canvas painting, 36″ square, painted by Said Oladejo-lawal, who is relatively new to our church. He’s from Nigeria and has been painting for a long time, having sold many works back home. Here’s what Said placed next to the painting in the gallery.

These images evolved from the scripture “out of the mouth of children and babes you have ordained praise”, this is a piece that thrives on linear abstraction with some element of surreality which is accounted for by the appearance of some elements in it such as wings and so on. It is all about praise that expresses the awe of God.

Said Oladejo-lawal

We feel blessed to have this on our home. It seems that each time we look at it we see something new.

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