Job 2 – More Attacks

I decided to try to put my summary comments in italics to distinguish it from my comments. Thoughts? Beuler? 😀
Job 2:1-10
Verse 1 says “Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them to present himself before the Lord.” (It says it in Chapter 1 too). The ‘son’s of God’ came ‘presenting themselves’, wow. but the implication here, and in verse 2, is that Satan is a party crasher here. He didn’t belong with the Son’s of God. Or is that just my assumption? Am I reading into this?
And God say, “Hey, have you checked out Job? You attacked Him without reason, yet he remains true.” You can almost hear the “I told you so.”
Satan challenges God that he wasn’t allowed to go far enough. Surely, he’ll curse God if his life was threatened. Fair enough, God allows Satan to attack Job himself, but no to death. God’s confidence in Job remains high, and Job, though crushed, refuses to curse God.

Blaming or cursing God was not an option for Job. I don’t think it was because he wasn’t hurting or even that he didn’t have questions, but that God was God, He is greater and his ways are greater. Whatever is happening, God knows and Job could trust him in it.
What is interesting here is that Job’s suffering came, not from his sin or even the sin of others around him, but from God settling a bet with Satan. I’m certain that God knew what was going to happen here, but He wanted to prove to Satan that there were men who were faithful to Him regardless of circumstances. Satan accused God of gaming the system to produce followers, and God used Job to prove him wrong.
On one had it seems a bit unfair or cold, like Job is a pawn in this chess match between God and Satan. But that gives Satan too much credit. Satan likes to see himself as a worthy opponent to God, but he is not. Job here isn’t simply a pawn, he is God’s chosen instrument to humble and silence Satan. Looked at in that light, what an honor.
God is accomplishing His glory in our pain. Will we chose to at least accept that true and even embrace it that it may be accomplished even more? Not easy, for sure, and it may even seem unfair, but to God be the glory, bot ourselves.
Job 2:11-13
His friends arrive an he is so stricken, they don’t recognize him and no one can bring them to say anything for 7 days. For a full week, they simply sit with job and mourn with him.
Sometimes, all we can do for one another is simply be there, and that alone is of great comfort in the face of great suffering. Sometimes, as Job’s friends will prove, words simply make things worse.

Job 1 – Satan Attacks

I’m going to try to make these QT posts a bit easier to follow without looking up each scipture reference. These always made sense to me as I wrote them, but looking back they are a bit like listening to one half of a phone call. I’d like these to be more readable, but I’m not sure I’ll succeed or not. Let me know how I’m doing, assuming I still have readers.
Job 1:1-5 – Job’s Character and Wealth
The Bible calls Job ‘blameless and upright’. Was originally going to say that might be what the world would say, but I remembered that later (verse 8) God describes Job in that way. Still, we know that no one is good, not even one as it says in Romans 3 (itself a reference to Psalm 14, Psalm 53 and Ecclesiastes 7), so we know that Job is not perfect. He was devoted to God to the point that God took notice.
Interesting to me that his sons, in these few sentences, are portrayed as partiers and not necessarily concerned with God. Hard to be dogmatic, but it says not that they followed God or sacrificed to HIm for their sins, but that Job himself would sacrifice on their behalf, sort of just in case they had sinned.
Job 1:6-22 – Satan’s attack
Satan and God meet and talk. The idea of Satan and God casually meeting and talking about the happenings on Earth is sobering and disturbing. I tend to think of God in a bit too much of a Deist way. He set the Earth in motion and is watching from afar, but not too active in it. I then apply the same to Satan, minimizing his work in the Earth to the point that it doesn’t matter.
The picture we see here is that both are intimately familiar with the details of what happens here. God pointed Job out as an example of one committed to him, a bit like a Father bragging on his son. Satan knows exactly who he is and you can almost hear how ticked off he is that he hasn’t been able to lay a hand on Job.
The interesting, and encouraging, thing here is that Satan is limited by what God allows him to do. Job was protected, and not until God gave Satan (limited) permission to attack him. God is in control, nothing happens that He is not aware of and approved of. God is pictured here as calm and secure while Satan is anxious and frustrated, eager to act but limited. Satan is frustrated because of the limits God as placed in front of him, but God isn’t frustrated or anxious at all. Even when God gives Satan permission to attack Job, you don’t see a bit of anxiety on God’s part. He knows Job’s faith and you get the impression here that this is to teach Satan a lesson more than Job.
But notice how swift and complete Satan’s actions are. Immediately, Job is confronted,one after another with calamity. his oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his camels, nearly all his servants (Satan conveniently left one alive from each tragedy so Job would get the message) and even his children, all killed.
Job’s famous response – “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” – shows what God already knew – that Job had his priorities on straight. His stuff, even his family, was not the most important. God was.
Do I have such a priority? Am I easily flummoxed by the minor calamities in my life, or do I rest in God, mo matter what may come?

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