02/28 Exodus 32-33, 34:1-16, 27-35

Exodus 32-33, Exodus 34:1-16, Exodus 34:27-35
Ex. 32:1-7 – Aaron is so quick to agree! Myour people have done.”
Ex. 32:11-14 – Moses isn’t biting, still calls them God’s people. And look at Moses reminding God that it’s in His best interest to forgive, reminding God of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Isreal.
I wonder if God was only looking to reveal Moses’ heart? Would He really have followed through? If so, then here it was the heart of man moving the heart of God. What was Moses’ heart? Concern for God’s honor and name and the people. And God’s heart? Respect for Moses to turn from His anger and alter His plans.
God was active in the world at this time, but His actions were changed by one man’s heart and “prayer.”
Ex. 32:15-20 – Interesting how he was very comassionate until he actually saw what was going on. Then he was furious. Angry enough to break the tablets from God.
Ex. 32:21-24 – Back in Ex. 32:4 he’s using a tool, now here it’s magic!
Ex. 32:25 – Moses is not fooled, like a parent.
Ex. 32:29 – Set aprt for putting God above all, even their own brothers.
Ex. 32:30-35 – “Holy smokes, did you see what they did! Now please forgive them.” 🙂 But look, Moses cares enough to tie his fate with theirs.
Ex. 33:1-3 – Still ready to do what he said and give them the promised land, even if He is discusted with them.
Ex. 33:11 – I have always loved this picture of Moses’ business with God being done but Joshua hanging out with God some more.
Ex. 33:12-16 – Moses’ desire and passion to know God, more than God has allowed and he pleads with God to go with them – for His sake not theirs, and in Ex. 33:17 he wins God’s heart.
Ex. 33:17-23 – After winning God over, he still asks or more! (And gets it)
Ex. 34:1-7 – New tablets, chisled by Moses this time, not God.
Ex. 34:8-10 – Before it was a covenent with Abraham, Isaac and Isreal. Now it’s Moses too.
Ex. 34:27-28 – Another 40 days, no calf this time.


One more link from Douglas Jacoby before I call it a night. He had a strong recommendation for an Apologetics site. www.DoesGodExist.org is run by his friend John Clayton:

John Clayton is a member of the Church of Christ in South Bend, Indiana. He is also a scientist and former second-generation atheist, came to believe in God while attempting to prove that the Bible contradicts known scientific facts. Instead of disproving the Bible, he found it to be absolutely reliable. An award-winning science teacher, Clayton has earned national prominence for his knowledge and skill in dealing with matters of faith and science.

Using Greek

Good article about using greek in our Bible studies at DouglasJacoby.com. He advocates a rather high level of study for those who want to read adn study the Bible in the original Greek, and for good reason:

It is simply not realistic that a Greek scholar will be produced through dabbling, any more than that one can determine the answer to a calculus problem without having gone through the prerequisite steps: basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, derivation and integration. Does this seem right?
As one preacher quipped, “I know just enough Greek to be dangerous.” As Alexander Pope quipped, “A little learning is a dang’rous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring; There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain; And drinkly largely sobers us again.” Pope is right; and the languages of sacred scripture are not fit subjects for dabbling. In other words, if we are going to learn Greek, let’s “drink largely”—go for it!—aiming for excellence.

I’ve often grown weary of those who insist on using the Greek often in their quoting and teaching of scripture. As if God was not capable of providing us with a suitable translation of scripure in English, and we must understand the original language to understand the Bible. Certainly there are pitfalls in any translation, but it seems that the core of Christianity and the heart of God is clear.

02/27 Exodus 29, 30, 31:1-11, 18

Exodus 29-30, Exodus 31:1-11, 18
Ex. 29:1-34 – All this to concecrate the priests. I bet that many priests and ministers today are glad that theyy don’t have to do this.
Ex. 29:35-37 – Seven bulls for a sin offereing. Despite his grace and tolerance, sin is clearly a big deal to God. I imagine that this is bigger than what the average Joe must do.
Ex.29:38-46 – Two lambs a day for “generations to come”. Do I read that right?
EEx. 30:11-16 – Is this why David was in such troublke for taking a census?

Douglas Jacoby

I’m adding a new link to the list. Douglas Jacoby has a PHD in Ministry from Drew University in New Jersey and a M.T.S. in New Testament from Harvard Divinity School. He’s been on staff of several churches around the world, both evangelist and teacher. He currently runs the Athens Institute of Ministry in Athens Georgia. He’s spoken and taught in more than 125 cities around the world.
I’ve known him in relation to his support of the children’s ministry over the years he spent on staff in the Washington DC Church of Christ. He was very supportive of the childrens ministry and those of us at work in that endeavor in the various churches affiliated wtih the Washington DC Church of Christ. He is an incredibly intelligent man with a big heart, especially for kids and family.
His website is absolutely packed with incredible resources for study. If you have a question, Doug will like have an answer on his site or will answer it in the Q & A section. New stuff is posted daily, check it out. I like the site so much it’s my home page.
More about DJ

02/25 Exodus 25-28

Exodus 25-28
Ex. 25:1 – First recorded commanded offering
Ex. 25:10-16 – Notice the rings and poles. Later, a man will die for reaching out to steady the ark in transit. In that passage (1 Chronicles 13
), however, the poles are absent and the ark is being carried on a cart.
This is tedious reading. So many cubits by o many cubits and on and on and on in detail. For all this detail, I bet if you gave these instructions to two teams, you’d get two very different sets of items.
Ex. 28:1-43 – Ephod and stones.
It’s all about Isreal/Jacob and God’s promise to him. Truly, his blessing extended generations. What a promise a I contemplate what my kids will become after I’m gone.
What point is God making with all this? That he is to be honored and revered above all else. That he is of supreme importance. That their relationship with him is not like their relationships with each other, but must be treated with the utmost respect. Holiness. Set apart. Special. Awesome.


I’ve added another link to the list. VirusDoc is a weblog by a friend I met at an online site dedicated to the Honda Odyssey minivan. He posted there about his new web site, dedicated to his search for his own faith, inviting folks to come give him some help in reconciling his faith with his education. He’s a virus doctor, working on research in to genetics and viruses and how they work (feel free to correct me in the comments, ‘doc, it’s a bit over my head.).
As he explains on his welcome page, he started his web site to:

But this site is not about viruses, exactly. It is dedicated to my struggle to find my way back to God once again, after a long time of hating him, running from him, and just plain being confused by his seeming absence from our lives.

He and I have traded emails for a few months now on God, faith, evolution and other things. It’s a bit ironic that he, a firm evolution believer, and Gary Petersen, a strict creationist, should be my primary insirations to start a blog. I enjoy Virusdoc’s inquisitive spirit, looking for truth not just validation of what he already believes. Go take a look.

Happy Birthday Jessica!

My oldest daughter, Jessica, turns 9 today. A double whammy week to make me feel old, 11 years of marraige and 9 years of parenthood.
She got this big, posterboard birthday card from her class. On the right hand side were comments from the kids completing the sentence “Jessica is a good friend because …” This is some of what they wrote:

She shares.
She helps people.
Shows others how she wants to be treated.
Listens well.
Cheers people up.
Willing to play with anyone.
Shows honesty.

All the A’s in the world can’t top a report from school like that, as far as I’m concerned. She’s excelling in the things that are most important to God, that is, how we treat each other. I’ve in fact noticed these things my self at home in how she treats her sisters, especially the youngest. Way to go Jessie, I’m proud of you.

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