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1958 VW BeetleSlow around here lately, sorry (as if you’ve all been waiting around, checking in to see what’s up.). Likely to stay that way for now, unfortunately. Twitter is too easy to do, and bogging takes more effort, frankly.
One thing I have managed to do is update my long neglected photo gallery. It’s not been updated in well over a year due to an upgrade in the plugin I use to publish it that broke my old gallery. The old gallery is still broken, as far as being able to update or add to it, but it’s still viewable. I’ve started a new one, though, linked above and it matches the look of the blog and is pretty easy to update. I may, over time, migrate the 1,300 odd photos from the old gallery to the new, but there’s not automated way to do so. That means moving them one by one, so it’s not high on my priorities at this point.
Right now, the only photos are the set from this year’s Arthritis Foundation Car Show earlier this month (it’s just barely still July, right?). Take a look, and there’s more to come.
Oh, and I’ve got an upgrade to the look around here as well that will bring some neat features like the ability to use Facebook or Twitter (and other services) to log in and comment.

Better Anti-Spam

The 3 or 4 of you who visit the site regularly only to discover that I still haven’t posted anything new may have noticed that the level of spam comments has increased recently. I’ve been getting maybe half a dozen spam comments a day recently, sometimes less. Not awful, but pretty annoying.
I’ve added a new anti-spam plugin today, or rather returned to an old favorite. Back several years ago when I was running MT 3.x, I used a neat little anti spam plugin called Ccode (and it’s companion for trackbacks -Tcode). It worked great, but with the upgrade to MT 4.x, the new Six Apart anti spam plugin Typepad AntiSpam (TPAS) seemed to work well enough that I didn’t need it.
Well, TPAS hasn’t worked as well lately, so I’ve reinstalled Ccode. Hopefully it’ll do better.

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