Weird Google Search term #2

Found in my Google Analytics report this week:
Three folks found their way here be searching for:

which two months did the romans add to make 12, and what impact did this have on february?

I am happy to report that, due to a dedicated search engine optimization program (not), is the top two results for that search! Neither has anything to do with the Romans or the calender, however, except that they are both monthly archive pages, and one is February!
Sorry to disappoint the three of you looking for answers to calender riddles, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am kinda fond of February, though, as it’s the month of my anniversary and my oldest daughter’s birthday.

3 thoughts on “Weird Google Search term #2

  1. I regularly get visitors who searched for “unity sand”… which is some kind of wedding ceremony, I think. They find my site because of the series of articles on the Sand Creek Address and Declaration

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