Job 6 – Job Objects

In Job 6:2-3 Job protests, “If only there was a way to quantify my suffering, you’d see there’s a reason for my rash words.” But in Job 6:3-4 he makes the same mistake as Eliphaz, ascribing the suffering to God rather than Satan.
Job repeats his earlier lament in Job 6:8-13, rather clarifies it. Instead of wishing that hadn’t been born, he simply longs that God would finish what, in Job’s view, He has started. Just crush me, he says, for what hope could I possibly have now?
Job’s despair is great and clear, yet his friend Eliphaz has only responded with implied condemnation rather than compassion. Jon’s plea here is again for compassion, though indirectly. In Job 6:14-17 he directly rebukes them for withhodling kindness.
He pleas in Job 6:24-27, continuing his rebuke, tell me what I’ve done wrong? Eliphaz has said that surely he must have sinned to have brought such suffering upon himself, but he hasn’t named the sin nor accused Job of anything. Job says “what does reproof from you reprove?”
He challenges them in Job6:28-30, “look at me, … let no injustice be done … is there any injustice on my tongue?”
Eliphaz assumed there must be sin, and therefore accused Job. Yet he had found no evidence other than suffering. Often times as disciples or as parents, we can see a situation and think (what have they done.” and go after them as if already guilty. But until we the facts of sin, we should hold our tongues.
Compassion should rule the day, not judgement.

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