I Sense a Trend …

Annual Posts 2004-2010
(How do you like my rockin’-it-like-it’s-2003 MS Excel graph?)
This shows the decline and fall of salguod.net. Back nearly seven years ago (yikes) when I started this thing I was pretty prolific, posting nearly 4 times a week for the first two years. Alas, each year had fewer posts than the last and in 2010 I barely managed more than once a week (this is post #63 for 2010).
I hope to reverse that trend this year and to that end I’ve signed up for Project52. Again. You may recall that I signed up for this last year too. Well, while I did manage to post more than 52 times, I wouldn’t say that my personal Project52 was a success since many of those posts were fluff like Five for Friday, links to posts on other blogs or other such goofiness.
Another thing I’d like to get back to, rather need to get back to, is my quiet time journal. There haven’t been many here of late because, well, I haven’t been really studying much of late. There’s really no excuse, and I intend to change that in 2011. If I can be consistent with that and put up at least other one decent post of substance per week this year, this could easily be another nearly 200 post year here at salguod.net.
Well see how that goes.

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