Four Wheel Drive Corvette

4WD Corvette
I need to reclaim my blog’s manliness after over two weeks of purses (cool, automotive purses, but still – purses) at the top of the page. This ridiculous four wheel drive Corvette ought to do it.
Nothin’ brings a Tim Allen ‘Argh, argh, argh’ like a couple acres of polished diamond plate and monster mud tires on a Corvette.
I saw this thing pulling out of a neighborhood near my house and I immediately turned around and gave chase to capture a picture.
So what we have here is a late70s / early 80s Corvette mated to what, a Peterbuilt? Likely a GM truck chassis, actually. The 4WD Corvette of this era has been done before, but not to this level of, ahem, polish. I mean, wow, look at all that polished diamond plate!
Judging by the finished undercarriage and the massive cow catcher inspired front air dam (more polished diamond plate, naturally), this was not made to go mudding. I’m not sure why it was made, but I find it both ridiculously absurd and fully awesome.
I wish I had gotten a picture of that nose, it was a sight to behold. I tried, but the camera phone malfunctioned.
I’m hoping this guy lives in that neighborhood and isn’t just in town for the annual Good Guys hot rod show and was just turning around. If it’s local and lives nearby, I’ll likely see it again adn might get some better shots.

9 thoughts on “Four Wheel Drive Corvette

  1. I was mowing the grass today. I had my back to the street and heard a strange sounding car coming. I turned around to see a shiny new lamborghini marcielago going by 10 miles below the speed limit. There was a police car following not far behind him.

  2. An appropriate post as GM comes out from bankruptcy. I was worried for the future of the Corvette for a minute. Don’t let their designers see this picture. As much as their market share depends on SUVs and light trucks, they might just think this is a good idea.

  3. It’s local! After over a year of absence, I’ve seen it a couple of weeks in a row at the church down the street on Sunday mornings. I hope to get a chance to nab some better shots at some point.

  4. That is actually my friend Joe Lamothes Ford-Vette is build on an 01 Expedition Frame with a 5.4 Triton V8 last I remember him sayin it was puttin out around 400-Hp to all four with a Detroit Locker. And you can spot the vette around town cuz he lives near sullivant.

  5. A Ford powered Corvette? Heresy! Ridiculously awesome heresy, but still, heresy. 😀
    If you (or Joe) have some better pics, I’d love to see them and do a proper write up on it. You can email me at the contact link above.

  6. i will try to get the pics i have downloaded on line. the pics are good that were taken at the steam show in pc under 4 wheel drive, googal,images but the specs are 2004 ford yes ford expidition 4 wheel independant suspension, shortened 12 inches in wheelbase, motor is the 4.6 triton 300hp on gas 450 with nitrous it was moved back 12 inches and lowered about 3 inches for better weight transfer and a lower center of gravity. no lift of any kind and a modified 1977 vette body it still corners great and yes i sometimes like to drive it like i stole it. it is exciting to drive . i am most gratefull for all the gifts that GOD has given me and his blessings that he gives me and my family every day

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