Kansas Bob posted 7 things on his blog. I’ve done these memes before too, but it’s been a while. So here are 7 unusual or less known things about me:

  1. I like eggs over easy and I dip my toast in the gooey egg yolks. The gooey egg makes my wife nearly ill so I don’t eat ’em much.
  2. I’m not a lover of fruit pies. I can appreciate a good apple or peach, but given the choice between that and chocolate pudding pie, I’ll take the chocolate every time.
  3. When the family is together going someplace, 99% of the time I do the driving. I enjoy driving and don’t much like riding in the passenger seat.
  4. Speaking of driving, I love to drive in bad weather. Rain, snow or fog, I don’t know why but I really enjoy it.
  5. In HS I really loved the Hitchhiker’s Guide series by Douglas Adams (still do).
  6. I drove the T’bird I currently own to the Homecoming dance in HS when my grandfather owned it.
  7. I passed up two affordable project cars during my college years. Between HS & college I had a chance to buy a rough but complete ’75 Hurst Olds W-55 that could have been had for about $800 and during my freshman year I passed on a very rough ’72 Camaro Z-28 4-speed for $1,500. Both cars are pretty rare (1 of something like 1,200) and both needed a lot of work. I did the wise thing in turning them down but sometimes wish I would have been stupid and had some fun putting an interesting car together.

How about you, what are your seven things? Blog ’em and let me know or leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Seven Things

  1. Not many can. When it’s raining or snowing all day and when I’m heading home it’s stopped, I’m genuinely disappointed.

  2. I have the 72 MGB *I* drove to the HS Prom sitting in my garage awaiting a new fuel pump, which is sitting on my workbench waiting to be installed. And new top. Ok, it needs work. 🙂

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