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Saw this on Jared’s most excellent blog (which will definitely get a link once I get my blogroll issues sorted out) last night. He lists some sad facts on what the burdens of ministry are doing to pastors. They’re leaving the ministry, they feel inadequate, they’re depressed and burdened.
Think about it. They’re the one that gets called when a marriage is in crisis. They’re the one that gets called when a member is sick or dying. They’re the one that gets called when someone doesn’t like what’s going on. They’re the one that gets called when someone is in sin. They have to deal with the demons in the church. They’re the one that deals with all of those messes and more.
How often do you call or email just to encourage? Just to say that you support them and their work? Not because they did something specific that moved or impacted you (by all means, call then too), but just because?
A good friend of mine stepped into the role of minister, temporarily, after theirs resigned. He and another brother decided to fill that role for the short time while they searched for a replacement. A short time turned into about 2 years, I think. Shortly after they finally hired someone new and he could step back, his comment was “I am so grateful for the folks we hired over the years to deal with that mess so I didn’t have to.” A little negative view, sure, but revealing as to what your minister deals with on a regular basis.
In the history of this blog, I’ve been critical of my denomination (I bet they hate me saying that, but that’s what we are) and of my local church fairly often. I’ve been critical of my minister specifically at times as well. What I haven’t done enough of, is tell you how much we are blessed to have Doug Geyer lead us. Is he flawed? Of course, but he’s also humble, determined, and passionate about the church. He doesn’t feed us what we want, he gives us what we need. He points us to God and illuminates His Son to us. He longs to grow and to see us grow. He makes me think and stretches me spiritually. I’m grateful that he’s there.
Your pastor deals with the bad stuff. The least you can do is hold up his arms a bit. Call him. Encourage him.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. It was one that I had to get off my chest after talking with some folks.
    My church comes from a history of being “The Church” you loved us or you hated us. We were setting standards and other churches wanted what we had. . .then God let us see who we are. Yiks! The blame for a dwindling congregation and a failing spirt was passed around and it has lander in our minister’s lap. Oh yes I know he was aware of what we were going through when he took the job. The thing is that he isn’t going to stop being who he is and try to be who the other one was. I’m glad. I don’t attend that church because of the man, I attend because God tells me to go there. Doug I think you listen to him so you know how good he is.
    Some people also don’t get his humor or get him at all. I laugh when others don’t. I know that on Sunday mornings before he preaches he needs to be in his head so to speak. He’s teased me from the pulpit at times. He has been great through my divorce and so has his wife. My divorce has the potential to be bad PR for the church being that two family that are involved were very involved. They have been so cool in supporting me.
    Ministers are human and we should allow them the same grace as anyone else.
    BTW if you ever want to listen to a whole series send me and email I can get it for you.

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