MT 4.2 is Here!

MT 4.2, the new version of Movable Type, the software that powers is finally here. After a long beta period, it was released last week. Since the release of MT4 over a year ago, I’ve been itching to upgrade. Unfortunately, until a couple of months ago, a couple of important plugins that I uses weren’t upgraded for use with MT4, so I couldn’t upgrade. Once that was solved, decided to wait until the release of the next version, and that’s MT 4.2.
A lot of good stuff in this release, which focused on performance improvements. It’s supposedly significantly faster than other flavors of MT4, but since I’ve never run them, I can’t tell.
I’ll be upgrading soon, so things may get a little wonky at times around here. I’m planning on trying to blog through the process as well, so look for my posts on Adventures in Upgrading.

5 thoughts on “MT 4.2 is Here!

  1. I’m trying it now. The link on my name points to the MT4.2 site instead of the main one.
    As you can tell, it’s not going well so far. Importing my main site failed after 8 hours and 4 attempts.
    Still trying, though. 4.2 has features I would like.
    We’ll see.

  2. That’s cool, I wondered if MT 4.2 would be good for what you’re trying to do now.
    If I can help, let me know. MT4.x is a very different animal than MT 3.x and I haven’t played with it much. There are two support forums you can try. There’s the old Invision forum that will eventually be closed and the new MT 4.2 based forum which they’re migrating to. MT as a forum is a little light on features at this point, but it’s still pretty cool.
    You can also find the documentation at, which may or may not help. I understand that much of it isn’t as complete as would be desired. I’ve been told that’s the next big priority.
    If you don’t get any help on the forums, let me know and I’ll poke some folks at 6A for you.

  3. Thanks, unfortunately, all of those sites are blocked at work.
    Still trying to figure out how to create a forum. The import still fails which would make this a show-stopper on the main pink site, though the smaller sycarion site may still work.
    Still reading through the documentation I got last night at home.

  4. You know, mt and wordpress seem to be like blogging and podcasting. You do one, or the other, but not both.
    I’ve tried, but I just know how to do things easier in WordPress. I cannot get used to the interface which still feels overly complicated to me.
    Folks are really helpful, but the learning curve is too high to transition right now.
    I’ll try again with 5.0

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