To the Guy Who Picked My Old Trimmer Out of the Trash

I know you’re not likely to find this post, but if you picked my old Craftsman 32cc trimmer from along the curb, congrats. It was free to me about 7 years ago but recently wouldn’t stay running. My wife said 7 years out of a free tool is a pretty good return on investment (she’s an accountant, she should know), so I ought to jsut go get a new one. So I picked up a Husqvarna 125L at Lowe’s and chucked the Craftsman.
I got the Husqvarna – you gotta love a word with a ‘q’ in the middle that’s not followed by a u’. Fun to say too, say it with me … Husqvarna. See?
So, I got the Husqvarna set up and lo and behold it wouldn’t stay running either. Hmmm. What’s the only common denominator?
The gas.
I had filled the new one with the same gas, left over from last season, that I had used on the old. I drained and disposed of the old gas and got fresh gas and 2 cycle oil. Tada! It now runs fine, which means that old Craftsman you picked up will likely run fine too, once you give it fresh gas. So, you get a nice free trimmer and I’m $200 poorer.
Lucky you.
(Of course, you’ll still have to deal with the maddening bump head on that thing that has a tendency to jam up and actually pop off the shaft like those crazy cars in old movies where the hood poops up and the wheels and doors pop off when they break down. And I get to say Husqvarna. Oh, and mine’s orange, which is cool.)

6 thoughts on “To the Guy Who Picked My Old Trimmer Out of the Trash

  1. Dude you shopped the L blue box. 🙁
    I could have gotten you a deal if you love orange.
    I just can’t believe you shopped the blue box.

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