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Today I get my report from Google Analytics and it shows a huge spike in traffic, 116% increase in page views. Naturally, I dug deeper to see what was up. The spike was nearly all on June 9th, which I still don’t understand exactly.
Turns out the traffic was all going to one page, my post from December of ’04 on Jay Leno’s Toronado. That post has always gotten a lot of hits, at one time it was the top result on Google for ‘Jay Leno’s Toronado‘, even higher than Jay’s own site. Not any more, however, but still the page views to that post were up 3,375%.
Google analytics told me that it was a result form search engine hits on ‘Jay Leno’. Odd, certainly there were far more relevant posts on Jay than my little post on one of hit lesser known cars. I tried Google, A9, and Yahoo! and was nowhere on the first page of any of them.

Then I tried MS Live. Lo and behold, there’s the picture of Jay’s Toronado from my post as picture #1 in the search of ‘Jay Leno‘. Why would that pic rank as #1 for all pictures for ‘Jay Leno’? Weird.
Makes me wish I had a Google AdSense account.

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