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Just a note to let you know I’m back from my trip(s). Actually had a vacation camping trip after the business trip to CA. Both were adventures.
First, there was 13 hours of brake work on the camper before leaving for CA. My red-eye trip home from CA was canceled, so I basically lost a day of vacation since I didn’t get home until 5 PM instead of 7AM. Then there was the emergency repair to the camper before heading out. Oh, and did I mention that we camped in west central IN the 5th-10th? Yeah, when it flooded, shutting down nearby Brazil IN, Turkey Run state park and 70 miles of I-70. 7″ of rain on the first night. Woo-hoo.
We survived, managed to have a little fun too. Came thisclose to selling the camper afterwards, but we’re keeping it … for now. 😀

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  1. Brazil, IN – My late dad’s hometown. Just a holler from Terre Haute. Sad to hear how much my home state has suffered from the flooding.
    At least you had a camper. One of the few times I went camping – at Fifty-Six, here in Arkansas – a gullywasher came a-pourin’ while I was touring Blanchard Springs Caverns. (The veteran guide looked perplexed at one point in the tour, saying, “I’ve never seen water pour out of that wall of the cave before.”)
    When I got back to the camp site, the tent was blown down and thoroughly drenched. There was nothing to do but pack it up soaking wet and head for home.

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