I Once Had a Lot To Say

Not so much anymore. Well, I actually think of stuff, but when the time comes to sit down at the ol’ laptop, well …
It’s just so much easier to veg and loose myself in my RSS reader, reading all the good posts from everyone else. Searching the web for the perfect string trimmer, browsing for cars that I’m not going to buy anytime soon or visiting my Squarebirds or pop up camper forums.
But a writer needs to write or else, well, he’s not really a writer, right?
I hope there will be more to come, I’d like to say that I have ideas that will be blogged. But I’ve said that before.

5 thoughts on “I Once Had a Lot To Say

  1. I’ve seen blogs/webpages where people write down everything they do everyday like a diary. Not very interesting.
    You shouldn’t gossip or slander so that turns some people off.
    If you have awesome things happen all the time to you and write about them then people get jealous or think it’s unrealistic.
    Anyway, the blogs I happenstance across are the ones that have opinions or have done research on something I’m researching.
    I say it’s ok to take a break or not feel like you have to write everything. We’re not paying subscription fees here.

  2. Sometimes a rest is needed, but if you need to write how about posting some work of fiction or poetry (if you have any).
    Actually, visiting you blog is like a hub to a lot of great websites/blogs.
    But alas, I have to get back to work 😉

  3. I’ve not been posting a lot myself. I need to focus on the kids. When I find time and blogger isn’t down I’ll have more to say.

  4. Actually, visiting you blog is like a hub to a lot of great websites/blogs.

    That’s kinda ironic as my blogroll is hopelessly out of date. There are several really good blogs that I read daily that aren’t in that list and there are several on that list that I don’t even look at anymore.
    The point of this post was two fold, and I didn’t really hit either fold.

    1. When I started I thought that I had a lot of good things that people needed to hear. Now a days, I realize that most of it has already been said by smarter folks than me and better. So when I think I do have something to say, I kinda say why bother?
    2. On the other hand, writing about those things is a kind of therapy. i work through issues and flesh out ideas. They usually mean more to me in the end than when I started. I need to write for my spiritual health in some ways, but I’ve grown lzsy. I’d rather consume than create, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

    Rest is good and sometimes needed, but in one way or another this blog has been ‘resting’ for the better part of a year now.

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