Luke 13:1-5 – So many want to read sin into the misfortune of others. Jesus says we all have sin to repent of that will take us in time.
Luke 13:17 – It’s funny how so many thing that religous leaders do in the name of God or holiness, average people can see right through as nonsense. It simply seems like common sense to us today, and it seems to the people at the time, that healing on the Sabath was a Good Thing, not a bad. They couldn’t see that, however. They were too focused on the letter of the law instead of the heart of God.
Luke 13:23 – “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” I wonder what that question meant to them in that day? Today the term ‘saved’ has taken on a life of it’s own, a super spiritual meaning. It’s to make it to heaven. I have to wonder if that’s even close to what they meant. They, after all, showed little sign of understanding the real purpose of Jesus’ mission or grasping his heaven focus. They were focused on the Earthly redmption of Isreal from the Romans. I wonder I they were asking about how many would survive the revolution to come?

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