Luke 12:35-36 – If Jesus showed up today, would he find that you were expecting him? Would he find you looking for his return, or just getting by in life?Are you watchful, awake and ready? It’s a loaded question that might bring up all sorts of activities that we ought to be doing if we were really ready for Jesus, but it’s one we must ask. The question isn’t are you doing the right things, but rather are you living as though Jesus could show up at your door any day.
Luke 12:41 – I love how Jesus doesn’t even answer the simple questions directly. Rather, he answers with his own questions to force them to think it through themselves and find the answer. He longs for men who are able to discern the will of God themselves rather than men who must be told everything directly. I think leaders in our churches would do well to act more like Jesus in this regard. Don’t tell folks what to think and how to act, rather, lead them to think things through, to discern God’s will fro themselves. Parents should do this with the children as well.
Luke 12:49-53 – It’s a shame how we useed this passage to justify our mistreatment of those who didn’t agree with us. Jesus’ teachings do divide households and families. Shame on us when we create division where Jesus’ teachings require none.

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