Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me

I had great intentions of marking the occasion when it happened, but, well I didn’t. Pinakidion’s birthday post reminded me.
A couple of weeks ago, I had a birthday. Nov. 27th to be exact. Same day as Jimi Hendrix, only 25 years later. 27 years after Bruce Lee and 12 years after Bill Nye the science guy. 872 years after Pope Urban II launched the first crusade. Yippie.
For those of you good at math (and history), you may have figured out that this was a big year for me. Yep, the big 4-0. I’m officially over the hill at this point.
The number itself wasn’t a big deal. I don’t suddenly feel old now that there’s a 4 in front of my age. No, it was the circumstances of life that did it. 😀
The extra 25-30 pounds that have gathered around my mid section in recent years, for one.
Seriously one of the real things that hit me as I approached 40 was the realization that I had nothing to look forward to. What I mean is, as you grow up, you have all these things you look forward to doing. For me I looked forward to graduating from college, getting married, having kids, getting my career going, getting a new car, getting a classic car, buying a house, etc. I realized that I’ve done all that stuff. In some sense, I find myself standing here, right where I wanted to be, saying “Now what?”
Of course there are things to look forward to, I guess I just need to change gears. Getting the kids through school, baptising them, seeing them through college, seeing them married and of course grandkids (That last one was a bit scary to type!). OK, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but I guess it’s time to shift my perspective. A new decade, a new perspective.
40 down, another 40 or so (I hope) to go. It’s a little sobering to think that I’m at or near the point where the years I have left are fewer than the years that have past. Of course it’s not real healthy to think of things that way, but it is reality.
Certainly, these realizations have played into my rather melancholy, introspective mood of late. I didn’t intend this to be a downer post, I know there’s plenty of good things ahead. Life does not end at 40, but it seems a fair bit of it comes to a head.
It does make one pause and think a bit.

7 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me

  1. Happy Birthday! My wife reminded me of yours but I think I forgot to email you. Maybe I did and just forgot that did? 🙂 Anyway, happy birthday old man!
    As you know, we took really our first family vacation last year. I say family as we spent most of the time by ourselves and not with family though family was a part of it. Anyway, I think as I get older it becomes more of that. Making memories with my family for my kids. Seeing relatives is a part of that but not the most important part. I’d like to start doing some things I’ve never done before like see the grand canyon, Mt. Rushmore and other natural beauties. Anyway, maybe some other things to look forward to that aren’t quite as stressful.

  2. There’s a lot to look forward to. In addition to all the things related to children and grandchildren, there’s a lot to be said for the empty nest, retirement, etc. And keeping yourself in good health so you can enjoy it all. My wife and I enjoy taking walks and travelling. We do a lot more of the former than the latter. Finding new things we enjoy doing together is another thing to look forward to.

  3. “Seriously one of the real things that hit me as I approached 40 was the realization that I had nothing to look forward to.”
    silly boy – that’s what you think at 40. I turned 50 in August. It’s much more fun than turning 40. I found out there are places I can already get a senior citizens discount! Whoo Hoo! I have an AARP card w/more discounts! People start to be nicer to you because they think you’re old. Friends at church start tracking you down so they can introduce you to their parents. You get to listen to an entire new generation go thru the angst of ‘who’s parents’ house do you go to for Thanksgiving?’. You get to tell an entire new generation that you own a microwave older than they are!
    All your friends that couldn’t hang out a lot (including yourself) because of the kids now are free again and now have some money to afford to go out to dinner and a movie. And no one has to get a babysitter.
    I thought I would hate turning 50 but turns out it’s great!

  4. TTK – I love that you called me ‘boy’, I feel young again already. 😀
    Of course I know there’s plenty to look forward to. It’s just that my emotions haven’t caught up with that realization yet. Both yours and Alan’s comments helped.
    Hey, thanks to TTK, I already have something to look forward to – turning 50!

  5. Heh – I didn’t realize we were so close in age. I hit 40 on the 9th of November.
    And it’s funny…I’m sitting here really looking forward to some larger “life changes” again. No details yet – but look for some soon…;)
    The stranger part for me already being the “old guy” in my peer groups — any time I get together with local guys who do what I do and speak my language, I’m ~12-15 years older than most of them. I’m not sure whether to feel bad that I haven’t moved on to wherever it is that old web guys go to die, or good that I’m still able (intellectually at least) to keep up.
    At any rate – we’re in a good spot, I think. Too young to be seen as “over the hill” but old enough to start playing the “experienced” trump card.
    HBD (belatedly!)

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