Google Streetview Tour of Our Life in Michigan

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Thanks to Google Streetview and the new ground level photos of the Detroit area, you can now see the first house Maria and I lived in in Dearborn. Not only that, but go ahead, take a walk around the old neighborhood.
The small (around 800 square feet) two bedroom was just right for newlyweds. The bedrooms were so small that we couldn’t vacuum around the furniture, the vacuum wouldn’t fit.
That front porch was relatively new when we lived there nearly 15 years ago. It seems to have help up well. I also remember there being a rather large tree right by the road which should be blocking the view. I guess in 15 years trees get cut down.
What’s odd is that I recall the house being brick, but it’s obviously sided now. Maybe it was that old fashioned ‘brick look’ asphalt siding and my memory is just a little fuzzy.

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We lived there for a year and then moved to this townhouse in Century Square apartments in Taylor, right off of Racho road. That’s our place with the white chairs in front of it. Racho road was a two lane country road then, they widened it after we lived there.
This is where we lived when Jessica was born. This is also where someone (not too bright) tried to steal my 1988 Nissan Pulsar SE and only managed to disable it, costing me a couple hundred dollars to replace the ignition lock. Funny the things you remember.

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We couldn’t stay put, so after a year and a half in Taylor, we moved to this apartment in Riverview. That’s our building, right next to the pool. We were on the second floor, on the far side. That sidewalk is where I dropped Jessica on her face in the snow when she was a baby. She didn’t like that much, but seems to have survived without any permanent effects.
I won’t bore you with the places Maria and I worked or anything more. We left Riverview for Columbus OH in 1996. Funny, except for the white siding on the first house, things look pretty similar to what I remember.

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  1. That’s pretty cool.
    The tree was most likely an Ash. A lot of trees were cut down in MI due to emerald ash borer I believe.

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