Jessica on Perfection

After a particularly challenging afternoon, Jessica, my 12 year old, tells her Mom something like this:

I’m glad that I’m not perfect, because if I was perfect, then life really would be easier and it wouldn’t be adventurous. I like having adventures. It’s more rewarding to do something right when you have a choice whether to do the right or wrong thing. It makes me proud to make a right choice.
I like being able to seek and find God myself, not just knowing Him automatically and being born close to Him. It’s more fun to seek God and find Him on your own.

Not much to say about that but “Wow.”

3 thoughts on “Jessica on Perfection

  1. That’s one amazingly perceptive gal you have on your hands!

    Yep! 😀
    I had a good Father’s Day of mostly sitting in the recliner doing nothin’, but I couldn’t think of a better Father’s Day present than to hear my too soon-to-be-an-adult girl say that.

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