Watching the OSU/Florida game yesterday, I paid attention to the band at halftime. Me and 4 other people watched the 30 seconds each that Fox showed of the Gator and OSU bands. I was in marching band in High School and college and loved it, so I try to watch but they usually don’t show much. 30 seconds apiece was a treat, actually.
As I commented on in my last post, it seemed like the OSU band was playing the theme from Titanic and actually had formed a sinking ship on the field. Actually, there was no doubt about the music, my wife pointed it out and I recognized it as soon as she said so, what was unclear was the formation. The camera shots were simply too close. With OSU getting pummeled and down 34-14 at the half, I thought there’s no way this was really happening.
Well, thanks to YouTube, there is now no doubt. The video at right was shot at the U of M game, I think, here in Columbus. Unfortunately, there’s no sound, but there is clearly (about 2 minutes in) the Titanic, breaking apart, and sinking into a blue tarp sea.
Going into this game, OSU was widely regarded as unbeatable. Leaving port, the Titanic was widely regarded as unsinkable.
To be fair to the OSU band, this show is amazing, but the irony of seeing the Titanic go down as OSU went down was very, very sad. And very, very funny.

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  1. I thought it was a very fitting song for the way the game was going. LOL….I bet the band is being razzed about playing that song for half time.

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