Need a pickup truck?
Want a Mercedes?
Only have $20,000?
Well, have a got a deal for you. It’s the Benz El a one of only 1,000 made, 1977 Mecedes 450SEL 6.9 hot rod sedan which had an unfortunate encounter with a late 70’s Chevy El Camino.
Better hurry, this one won’t last long.

3 thoughts on “Such a Deal

  1. No, it’s definitely a home made deal. Shame they started with such a rare Benz, though.
    Actually, it’s a shame it was done at all. Not a successful conversion.

  2. German Hybrid, Part 2

    So, I know many readers looked at that Benz El and thought, “Sure, I appreciate the unprecedented combination of big sporty German sedan and pickup utility, but what I really need is a crew cab. I’m a family man, you…

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