Don’t Tell Mom …

… but I voted for a Democrat today. Actually, I voted for six. Now, before my more left leaning friends get too excited (and Mom has a coronary, she does read the blog), they were 2 appeals court judges and four somewhat minor posts like auditor and secretary of state, but still, I think they’re the first Democrats I’ve ever voted for.
I actually tried to consider Ted Strickland, the Democratic candidate for Governor, but nearly every statement I read from him was a lot of words for little meaning. What was he going to do if elected? I have no idea, but he talked a lot about what he knew, what he thought and the dialog he would have with folks about stuff. Knowledge, thoughts and talking, but no action. And, I liked much of what Ken Blackwell had to say.
I also looked seriously at Mark DannSharrod Brown (Oops) for Senate over Mike DeWine. I was not happy with the harsh, smearing tone of DeWine’s campaign and I liked some of the things I heard in Brown’s commercials. (Yeah, I said commercials). In the end, I couldn’t go along with his belief that all Medicare funding should be taken out of the hands of the states and given to the feds as a solution to the health care problems. I’m definitely in the ‘more local control’ camp rather than the ‘more federal control’ camp, and that statement told me what Dann’s philosophy is. I think that states and municipalities know better what their constituents need than he feds do.
So, there’s my election day political post. I’ll try to stay out of politics for a couple of years now.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Mom …

  1. I think you meant Sherrod Brown vs. DeWine. Marc Dann was running for Auditor against Betty Montgomery. Anyway, I think it is good to vote for the person whom you believe will do the best job, not just party line. I think mom might agree. (I hope so, because I didn’t vote straight down the party line either, big brother.)

  2. I too found myself voting for the individual candidate rather than per party (being a registered independent in my mind encourages that, but this time for sure). There was just one vote I made that was purely for party, which one, I won’t say, but I think some people would be surprised. I tend to vote conservative democrat, or liberal republican, but this time I really took a stand (not that I usually don’t, it’s just that I am relatively moderate). I was just glad to be able to vote. What an incredible privilege it was. I remember when I vote that the cost for that right has been paid for in blood for over two hundred years, and far be it for me to deny those lives that were sacrificed for this honor. I was proud to do it.

  3. Speaking as one of your left-leaning friends, though lean is probably too mild a word…
    Ok, seriously, it’s just good to vote. As left as I am, I voted for Republicans or Independents when the Democrats put up a placeholder instead of a person. More than that, though, I’m an issue voter more than a party voter. I would have voted against Brown, too, for federalizing Medicare decisions.
    Still, I have to say that I have fun way out here in left field. 🙂

  4. I’m registered as a Republican though anyone who knows me would tell you I’m anarchist, er Libertarian.
    Yesterday, I voted for three Democrats and, like you, it was the first time I had ever voted for a Democrat. One was because I felt our Democrat incumbent governor had really gone to bat to keep an airbase from closing in my home town (Clovis, NM), which is staunchly Republican and certainly had not voted for him when he ran last time. He’s actually been a Pretty Good Governor, as Governors go. Another was our incumbent Representative, Heather Wilson. The election is still undecided. The person running against her, Patricia Madrid, is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but Wilson’s decisions involving Iraq and erosion of some checks and balances pushed me to vote for the Democratic Bozo.

  5. It was Thump’n! I voted straight party Democrats! I do think that they all will have a hard time getting things together especially since “W” can’t see the economy issues.

  6. I voted per person dem and rep and some others. Everyone I voted for lost and only one of the two referendum’s I voted for passed. Oh well, it was a big referendum.

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