Posts have been sparse here lately, sorry about that. Going to continue that way for a week or so as we’re heading to Disney World next week. Hope you all had a good Turkey day. Ours was great, I always enjoy trips to Mom and Dad’s house.
This past Sunday wrapped up our 21 week study of the gospel of John. Reading John 21 and Luke 5 together I was struck by the similarities:

  • In both stories, there was a night fishing with no catch.
  • In both stories, Jesus says try again.
  • In both stories, the obey but probably reluctantly. (In Luke Peter voices his reluctance.)
  • In both stories, there is an enormous catch.

Note the differences, though:

  • In Luke, the nets begin to break, in John they don’t.
  • In Luke, Peter is afraid of Jesus and tries to send him away. In John, he runs to Him.

I don’t know that the first is significant, but the second surely is. In the beginning, Peter is just getting to know Jesus. Confronted with a powerful display of His righteousness through the miraculous catch makes him feel inferior, unworthy of being in Jesus’ presence. In the end, Peter’s inferiority to Jesus and his sinfulness are well established, but so is Jesus’ love and grace. There is no more fear, no reason to hide. Instead there is every reason to run into the arms that accept with love and without judgement. In those arms, inadequacy is irrelevant, there is peace that can be found no where else. In other places we might find refuge from violence or hate, but only in Jesus can we escape our own sin, our own ever present failings, our inferiority.
That’s a lesson I need to take with me. As I’m bombarded with my shortcomings, it seems that there is no escape, no refuge, no place of peace. My sin is ever with me, a constant reminder that I will always be less than I had hoped to be, less that I ought to be. Faced with my failings, inadequacies and sin, I must remember that in His arms I am good enough, acceptable, desirable and complete. There is the only refuge for my battered soul.

2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Doug, my soul resonates with yours in the last paragraph.
    Thanks for the reminder that “in His arms I am good enough, acceptable, desirable and complete”
    Peace brother,

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