Meet Cookie Cooky Cookey

I’m not sure if I should be concerned about my mental health or encouraged because of my obvious manliness. After all, I’ve managed to attract 8 females to my lair.
On the other hand, 4 of them are feline and 3 are my offspring.
Meet Cookie Cooky Cookey (Silly Daddy, thought he knew how to spell Cookie, uh, Cooky, I mean Cookey.), the newest addition to our cat family. This makes four cats in my house, all girls. Cookey will be Emily’s cat. Midnight is Jessie’s, and Audrey has adopted Cally, the cat who rode back from Missouri on the engine of our van (That was her idea, not ours). Pleiades is Mom’s, and has been Mom’s longer than I’ve been Mom’s.
Emily is ecstatic about Cookey. She loves the idea of having her own cat. Cookey will stay in her room for a while before getting introduced to the others.
Four cats. I’ve decided, I must be insane.

2 thoughts on “Meet Cookie Cooky Cookey

  1. Nope…You’re not insane because you have four cats. You’re insane because you had 7 females in your house and you could have added a male…but you added another girl to the mix instead.
    You must be one sensitive individual, Doug! 😉
    Seriously, I am a cat fan, BIGTIME! With a last name like “Morris” I kinda had to be. I would have a cat now, except my wife is alergic to them. (And I hate hairless cats! so I won’t be getting one of those.)
    Hopefully, Emily will learn to be a responsible little girl by taking care of Kookee…um…Cookey!

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