04/01 – Numbers 12-14

Numbers 12-14
Num. 12:3 – If only this could be said about me! Sometimes I wonder if this blog isn’t a kind of power trip to feed my pride. I want to be noticed, to be right and to be praised. Sometimes to the point that I feel disappointed, better even angry if I feel that people don’t feel that way. It’s scary when I recognize it, even scarier when I think about how many time I probably don’t. Oh God, give me eyes to see myself clearly and not be deceived.
Num. 12:5-8 – Interesting. The implication here is that God is a little vague with us, deliberately. It says Moses was different than the ‘prophets’, it says God spoke top him clearly, he saw ‘the form of the Lord’. On one hand I long for that kind of special relationship with God, but it also puts some of my occasional questioning and confusion in perspective. Now in the new covenant everything is new, we do get to commune directly with God. But this relationship was special in their time, under their covenant (what we now call ‘old’ was still ‘new’ when this happened), imagine having something special in ours.
Num. 13:21-24 – Two men to carry one grape cluster! Notice also, the land of Hebron. Remember Abraham and Lot from this entry on Gen. 14 when I discovered that Abraham was called a ‘Hebrew’ because he lived in Hebron. Now they’ve returned.
Num. 14:1-3 – One bad apple (or in this case 10) does spoil the whole bunch. A reminder to watch my own faith as it can have a profound effect on those around me. Am I a bringer of hope like Joshua and Caleb or despair like the others?
Num. 14:4-10 – The difference in these men was their perspective. They saw the same challenges but through the perspective of a loving and powerful God who would not let them down. They could not loose because God was with them, not their enemies. The others only saw themselves and the giants. No wonder they were afraid.
Num. 14:10-25 – God is ready to destroy them for their lack of faith. He says they’ve treated Him with contempt, it’s personal, more than just not believing. But Moses pleads with God to change His mind. Not for their sake, but for His reputation. What will become of your name? And God relents, ‘Because you have asked me to.’ The ‘prayer’ of one man spares the lives of thousands. But notice that God says they are forgiven but they still are punished. Forgiveness does not equal lack of discipline.
Num. 14:29 – Those under 20 were spared this punishment. A precedent here that the young are not held to account like the old. The old should know better, the you have much to learn. I also see this as a bit of evidence of the idea of being born innocent and remaining innocent for much of childhood. I look at even my 9 year old an know that she does not understand the concept of right and wrong, good and evil. She understands that there are good things and bad things, but the idea themselves are not known. Therefore she is not responsible for her sins. There will come a time, sooner that I want, where she and her sisters will understand and she, like all of us before her, will walk away from the purity and innocence of youth. Like Adam and Eve she will understand the difference and will choose evil, and walk away from God. God will be waiting for her to return with open arms of unconditional love and forgiveness, but she will have to choose to accept it and commit to His ways and not hers. Here we see a line drawn at the age of 20. For us it’s not so clear cut.
Num. 14:31-33 – Look how God says their children will suffer for their sin. But ultimately they will be blessed.
Num. 14:34-35 – God has had enough.
Num. 14:36-38 – Reminds me of Jesus’ warning about leading His ‘little ones’ into sin in Mat. 18:6, Mark 9:42 and Luke 17:2.
Num. 14:39-45 – They were determined to do their own thing. God says go, they want to stay. He says stay they decide to go!

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