01/27 Genesis 39:1-42:5

01/27 – Genesis 39:1-23, Genesis 40-41, Genesis 42:1-5
Gen. 39:6-10 – Sin against God? No written law as of yet, but the concept of sin is here. Is this the first mention of it?
Gen. 39:11 – Righteous, but not smart.
Gen. 39:19-20 – Not just any prison, wher the kings prisoners were. Is kindness on Potiphar’s part?
Gen. 39:20 – God still by his side, caring for him.
Gen. 40:23 – how do ou forget such a thing?
Gen. 41:9-13 – He remembers when it will do him good, to be the man who finds the interpreter.
Gen. 41:25-32 – What if the cupbearer had remained silent? What if … Interesting how much sin is involved in putting Joseph wher he is. His brother’s sin, Potiphar’s wife’s sin, but also Josephs righteousness. Had he not been righteous he wouldn’t have been in charge with Potiphar or the prison guard. he would hav gone to a regular prison and not met Pharaoh’s servant and not had an audience with Pharaoh.
Gen. 41:37-46 – Or been put in charge by Pharaoh.

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