01/19 Genesis 27-28

Genesis 26:34-35, 27:1-46, 28:1-9, 18-22
27:11-12 – He’s more concerned about getting caught than the deciept.
27:16 – Goat skins! He was hairy!
27:26-29 – This favoritism is so foreign to me and me US people pleasing politacal correctness.
27:34-36 – He had little respect for his honored, yet undeserved, position. Yet he whines about loosing the blessing. He wants the fruit with out the respect.
28:6-9 – Esau seems to not have any real conviction about this, jsut people pleasing. Jacob seems to be genuinely concerned with his parents wishes.
28:13-15 – Jacon lied and tricked his way into the “blessed” position, yet God honored it. Was it God’s respect for Isaac and Abraham? Perhaps I am just looking at this through my 20th century cultural bias. So much of Jacob’s behavior goes against what I know to be God’s will (deceipt, selfishness, lies) yet God blesses the result. It goes against the “concequences of sin” argument. Hard to grasp what’s going on here.
28:18-22 – Perhaps it’s God seeing through his sinful nature to his heart, knowing that he is interested in more than the surface, he wants to go deeper, to know God. The fact might be that we make more (sometimes) than God does of our own sin.

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